Leaflet Distribution

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We have investigated and truly understand what our customers really need. Our mission is to help create the perfect distribution campaign for you. To ensure that the best results are achieved, look at the features listed below as these are the reasons as to why you should chose Postit Direct as your delivery partner.


Creative Design

We can design a clear & powerful message that will help you to achieve the perfect result, enhance your business & increase sales.

Targeted Distribution

Target exactly who you want to speak to anywhere in Ireland, whether it be by Geographical location or by Demographic criteria.

National Coverage

We can deliver over 60 000 items per day within the Republic of Ireland to all low density Rural areas and high density Urban areas.

100% Transparency

Watch your job live in progress, using Real Time Tracking (RTT) available on any web enabled device

Save on Printing

We can advise you on the number of delivery points in any requested zone and eliminate the ”No Junk Mail”, therefore avoiding unnecessary print costs.

Auditing & Reporting

We employ the toughest auditing & reporting service in the market. Using real time tracking and phone auditing, we can guarantee that your message has been delivered successfully.