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Why Letterbox Leaflet Drops are Often More Successful than People Realize

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A lot of companies hand out coupons and discounts to track the success of a leaflet distribution drop. While this helps gauge the success of leaflet distribution drops, it can also at times be inaccurate. Relying on coupons alone to track the success of a leaflet drop is not reliable, because this method is not foolproof.


Leaflet drops yield more capital than you know

Many people utilize vouchers and coupons when they shop, and others pick up coupons at stores. But it’s a little known truth that some people aren’t at all interested in using coupons. Saving money by using coupons comes with a stigma that many people don’t want to be labeled as cheap. Companies that hand out coupons want and expect consumers to use these coupons to save money. Tracking coupons and vouchers is good for the companies that distribute them, because it gives them the ability to track how many vouchers are being used. So these companies will be happy if you take advantage of their coupons. Unfortunately, many people are uncomfortable with the thought of using coupons and vouchers. These individuals will use your leaflet. As a result, they may purchase something, whether it’s a table, a book, or something else. Either way, many leaflets prompt people to make a call and purchase something.

However, there is a catch. Because the specific details about what discount a consumer receives cannot be recorded, and many people who use coupons are not recorded as new customers. Let’s say that you’re recording the use of 100, 1000 or 10,000. This is a larger leaflet drop campaign, but it many new customers may not be recorded for your leaflet drop.

Let’s also say that someone who uses your coupon or leaflet then passes your information to someone else. This individual may not use a coupon, but learns about your company from someone else. From that alone, you’ve gained two new customers. You get two customers, but one is not recorded, because they didn’t have a leaflet to use.

Then there are those who receive your leaflet but don’t like what you offer, but buy your product later on. They are unable to use your coupon after its expiration date. These individuals eventually translate into new customers. In one instance, a woman called in with a coupon that she received eight years ago.

Perhaps someone who received your leaflet purchased something from you. You get a new customer who may return time and time again. You get a lot of return income off of one leaflet. In the long run, the leaflet pays for itself. However, is the earned revenue received from the original leaflet drop?

If you distribute leaflets on a regular basis, people are getting familiar with you. Psychologists have found that customers who see something on a regular basis, they begin to like it. Promote your company the right way, and people will begin to recommend you, because they are familiar with your company. Are these news customers gained from recommendations from people who have already received your leaflet? These individuals would not be aware of your company, if it hadn’t been for your leaflet drop. Are these new customers gained from others who received your leaflet?

Monitoring feedback from a leaflet drop with complete accuracy is impossible. If your company is small, it could take forever to track your customers and find out who they are. Remembering to ask for feedback can be tricky. This blog entry was meant to get you thinking about what leaflet drops can do for you, while sit back and relax.

Vouchers and coupons aren’t the only indicators of a single leaflet drop campaign.

Recently I spoke with a guy whose leaflet drop didn’t work in his favor. He said he only got 20 customers from the leaflet drop. I explained the mistakes he may have made, and he eventually I explained the mistakes he had made, and he realized what he had done wrong. Use the coupons you receive from leaflets, and apply discounts to your purchases. Vouchers do help you track customers, and when used properly, benefit your business in big ways. It may seem that business is slow at first, but you will eventually gain customers and make money in the end. You may not know how much customers are saving by using their coupons, but you will be more successful than you realized you could be.