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3 Reasons why Leaflet Distribution Works

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Recent studies by the Direct Marketing Association have concluded that nearly half of all consumers are drawn to leaflets and items that are received through letterboxes.

As of February 2010, the results of the British Marketing Survey showed that paper advertisements and flyers delivered to the door received an overwhelming response from advertising venues, which include email, television and newspapers.


Distributing leaflets is turning commonplace, because it draws attention to your brand for a small price. Today, companies are paying close attention to their advertising funds. As an entrepreneur, I desire great outcomes from my marketing efforts, and I want to make money from capital I’ve invested in advertising. If you are reading this article, chances are that you also want to make money from your marketing efforts. So, what do I have to do to make leaflet distribution work ?. Leaflet distribution is quickly being recognized as the ideal way to reach businesses and families. This method is desirable, because you don’t have to spend a lot on advertising. TV and radio are more expensive for marketing. Plus, you reach your customers more directly than you would through traditional advertising methods, such as newspapers and magazines.

Knowing that leaflet distribution is an effective and inexpensive way of marketing your business as a whole will help you in your marketing efforts. Within this article, you will find more advice and tips to ensure the success of a leaflet marketing campaign.

Choosing the right leaflet distribution plan

Share-plan and Solus are the primary options you have for leaflet distribution.

Solus is a flyer or leaflet that is delivered to businesses and homes as standalone marketing material.

Solus is preferred by most companies, because of its ability to reach a large number of potential customers. Your leaflet alone stands out in someone’s mailbox, and it is enticing to businesses. Most people are not home during the day, so the leaflet is the first thing they will see upon returning home. Most people are bombarded with a bunch of paper advertisements in their mailboxes, so delivering a leaflet advertisement and sticking it to the door is likely to catch attention. Most people don’t pay close attention to what’s in their mailbox, because everything is thrown together haphazardly. Solus drops are more costly than infill and share-plan distribution.

With share-plan drops, your flyer or leaflet is distributed along with leaflets from other companies that do not compete with you. The companies are also looking to reach the same audience as you. Share-plan distribution is more desirable in terms of cost, and they are easier to distribute to homes and businesses. Our company charges from €40 for each thousand leaflets that are delivered. The only drawback to this is that you have to put your leaflets in with other leaflets promoting different products and services that are already scheduled to go out. If you want to schedule a share-plan drop, you have to wait several weeks to ensure the smooth delivery of your leaflets. This is extra critical if your flyer or leaflet must be delivered between a certain time frame.

Consistency with your leaflet drops

Distributing leaflets is a great way to make people see your brand and get attention over an extended span of time. Dropping leaflets will not make you an instant millionaire, but it will increase your chances of being seen and recognized. However, distributing leaflets on a regular basis will make people pay attention to your brand or service, making it easy to get customers and make profits. Your customer will most likely not need your services as soon as they receive their first leaflet. In fact, they may actually disregard your marketing efforts at first.

The second leaflet customers receive may not compel them to hire you. It is also possible that the third leaflet delivered will not spark their interest, either. Do not be misled. You don’t necessarily need to deliver three leaflets to get a response from potential customers. Many of my clients receive a positive response to the first leaflet they distribute, which in the end, pays for the money they’ve invested into my services. These services include distribution, printing and design. When our customers see such great results, they come back and request our services the next time they want to launch a leaflet campaign. The thing is that by delivering leaflets on a regular basis will build recognition of your brand. When the customers you’re targeting need the services you provide, you will be the first company they think of, because your flyers have been delivered to their homes on a regular basis.

Consider your leaflet design before you drop leaflets

When they organize a leaflet drop, most companies first and foremost think about design. It is the representation of their brand, after all. Design is the first thing companies should think about. I have redesigned many leaflets for companies. These companies have seen for themselves just how effective redesign is in boosting their feedback significantly. Because consumers see so much advertising from other companies, it is important that your ad stands out among the rest. To do this, you need to differentiate your advertising by making your leaflet different and more unique than the others out there. Make a lasting impression on your target customers, which will pique interest and get you customers. This will also decrease the amount of money you spend on your marketing efforts. This is why designers are so sought after. Their work is needed and often makes a marketing campaign successful. Hand your project over to a designer, and your campaign will soar as a result of their knowledge and wherewithal.

Some people believe that by printing their leaflet on thick paper that they will enjoy great success in their marketing efforts. They believe that thick paper is more durable and less likely to be bent. Many people believe that thick paper conveys superior quality. Because of this, these marketers believe that people will hold the leaflet for a longer period of time. While I also believe that this is true, our customers who print thinner leaflets are just as successful in gaining clients. If you’re working with limited funds, it is my suggestion that you distribute thinner leaflets to a large number of homes, as opposed to spending a lot on thicker paper.

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